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Wojtek Weaponry Pinnable .750 Adjustable Clamp Gas Block


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If you ever felt the need to pin your gas block into place but don’t want to dimple your barrel, now is your chance to scratch those itches!

This gas block is dimensionally identical to my standard .750 adjustable gas block with a few exceptions.

-Instead of 3x smaller attachment screws, there are two (2) 8-32 low-profile SHCS.
-The side locking screw is a 6-40 vs 4-40
-There are no relief cuts to accommodate the potential for cross-pinning.
-Oh yeah, there is a pilot mark for cross-pinning.

This block is attached to your barrel by compression which is attained by tightening the three screws on the bottom. It is suggested that a REMOVABLE thread locker of your choice be used on the screws. Each gas block comes with a roll pin as well.

Primary Features

-Black Nitride finish
-NiPTFE coated adjustement screw.
-Gas port witness hole for an effortless gas port alignment.
-Gas tube removal hole for gas tube removal.

Quick Spec Sheet

-1018 Steel


-for .750 barrel size

 Allen Keys Needed For This Block:  

Adjustment screw and attachment screws = 5/64″

Side locking screw = 1/16″



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