As a born-and-bred California native for the first 30 years of my existence, I know full-well how difficult it is to not only get anything cool but to have dealers that actually give a crap about your existence. Even though I ditched California a few years back for the thick forests and the far less bureaucratic influence of New Hampshire, I have never forgotten my boys behind enemy lines and I am more than happy to help with what I can in getting stuff into “Ze State”.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of services that I can provide.

  • California Compliance Middleman, both for dealers and for individuals. Whether it is breaking guns apart or adding compliance parts, I can take care of the process.
  • Firearm Reshipping. If you have a gun that a dealer won’t send to California and you need it passed on through, I will receive it at my shop and then send it along to your dealer of choice.
  • Magazine Compliance Service. If you need magazines limited to 10rds and need someone that isn’t going to chide you, I have you covered. I have a 3D printer and the requisite CAD skills to take care of any number of magazines and I will work with you.
  • California Compliant Single Shot Exempt Builds. If there is a pistol you want that can be built from a virgin frame (like my cool SSE Wojtek Race Pistols), I can get it done for you.
  • Pre-Engraved AOWs. If you are looking at making your own California-Legal AOW, I can get your firearm pre-engraved so it is compliant as soon as your Form 1 is approved.
  • Firearm Extrication. Do you have a firearm that is not supposed to be in the state and it needs to leave? Send it to me and I will take care of the disposal. My service is quick and confidential and I am happy to make sure your valuable firearms aren’t going to get you in trouble.

To get started, look to the right to give me a call or an email or use the chat button! I will respond quickly and get you taken care of.