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To help customers differentiate amongst all the gas block models and ascertain their specific needs, here is a short primer!

There are two types of gas blocks that I offer

1) Infinite adjustable gas blocks use a small screw to adjust the gas flow and the adjustment is locked into place via a small set screw in the side of the block. This type of block is more of a “set it and forget it” variety.

2) Click adjustable blocks have an audible and tactile “click” during adjustment (because of the ball-and-detent system interfacing with longitudinal grooves in the adjustment screw) and is more geared towards shooters that want to swap between suppressed and unsuppressed shooting easier or adjust their rifles to different diets better.

Each type of block comes in two different types of attachment styles.

1) Clamp attachment. This style is by far my most popular seller due to ease of attachment. No dimples, no pins, just slip, set and hand tighten the three screws on the bottom. Mess up the alignment despite all preventive measures? No biggie, just loosen and move into the correct position.

Worried about the longevity of a clamp block on your rifle? Don’t, because you’ll shear the barrel index pin off before you can get a properly installed gas block to rotate out of position.

2) Set screw attachment. This is the old standby that still works really well, just line up everything, dimple your barrel and set your screws. If you’re really interested in making sure the block never moves, I include a pilot hole in the side of all the blocks for milling/drilling a cross pin.

If you have any questions about your gas block choices, please feel free to email me at

Product Sorting