Product Sorting


Welcome to the 3D2A Zone!

There are quite a few different product offerings available so here is a rundown.

1) FMDA Kits: These are the standard FMDA kits that are more or less the gold standard for 3D2A Glock-style builds.

2) FMDA/P80 Kits: An exclusive from Wojtek Weaponry, these kits are for those that want to tinker and play with their builds and mix up different parts. These have an FMDA front rail and a P80 rear rail.

3) P80/FMDA Kits: Another exclusive from Wojtek Weaponry and for more tinkering and playing. These kits have a P80 front rail and an FMDA rear rail.

In addition, there are two different materials for FMDA front rails.

1) Steel: Made from 1018 steel and given a black oxide coating, steel FMDA rails are durable and won’t gall or get gummed up like aluminum rails eventually will at the cost of being slightly heavier and a tad more expensive.

2) Aluminum: Machined from 7075 aluminum, these are offered for the budget-conscious builder. Will work well for a long time.

Product Sorting