If you are not in the USA and want some of my badass products I will be MORE than happy to sell to you. My website can accept orders from all over the world BUT I have a few caveats.

  • 1)

    It has to be legal for me to send you the parts. A great litmus test for this is if the USA has a bone to pick with your country or you have significant oil reserves, then I more than likely can't sell you anything.
  • 2)

    Keep your orders under $100 USD for firearm parts.

I have helped customers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, The Netherlands and Norway so far. Let me add your country to my list! 

If you have any problems with anything on this site, let me know at and I will get you fixed right up!

UPDATE 11/1/2021:

Canadian Customs officials apparently haven’t been eating the right amount of croissants lately and are jacking with shipments. Because of this, I am suspending shipments to Canada. Yes, my parts are legal there and it is legal to send them (even have a fancy letter saying they are) but alas, here we are. If you need some of my parts, head over to CTCSupplies.CA!