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Getting your fingerprints rolled for an ATF Form 1 or Form 4 is a PITA and one of the hurdles to NFA weapon ownership. To help resolve this, I offer my own fingerprint scanning service so that you, the customer, owns and maintains your own fingerprints in Electronic Fingerprint Transmission (EFT) format so you can file your own forms whenever you want.

Contrary to what many dealers might say, EFT files last as long as you are alive and do not need to be renewed. Disregard the advice of any dealer or peon that says otherwise. 

To this end, you have three unique options to accomplish this task.

1) End-To-End Service. Upon ordering I send you a packet containing cards, ink, a towlette, tape and a return label so that you can roll, clean up, reseal and then return to me for processing.

2) One-Way Service. If you have your prints already done and in hand, you can order the One-Way Service and receive a label for a USPS Flat-Rate Priority Envelope to send your prints to me for processing.

3) Send It Your Way. If you have your prints already done and want to send me your prints by yourself, order the Send It Your Way service and send your fingerprint cards to me whatever way you choose, mail or email!

My mailing address is 373 S Willow St #249 Manchester, NH 03103 and my email address for fingerprints is

If you are emailing me prints, please send only one set of prints per file as a PDF and make it 600DPI.

Looking forward to helping you into NFA ownership!

Product Sorting