Wojtek Weaponry .875/.936 Gas Block Assembling Tray


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Assembling or disassembling the gas tube is probably one of the bigger pains out there when working on your rifle and we here at Wojtek Weaponry have taken the matter pretty seriously. As a manufacturer of gas blocks spend a lot of time assembling blocks and tubes together and I took a slow August day to revamp my assembly trays into something special.

Here is a list of features.
1) Compatible with .875″ and .936″ blocks up to 1.2″ long
2) Compatible with Wojtek Weaponry blocks as well as other manufacturers.
3) Reversible, meaning you can orient the block to either orientation for work
4) The barrel cutout is sized for up to .936″ barrels so you can work on your rifle in place.
5) Want to use a vise? No problem, remove the sleeve and clamp securely into your vise.
6) Built-in pocket to catch roll pins from dropping to the floor on removal.
7) Made of PLA+, tough and durable.
Add one to your toolbox today!


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