Balistyka Kolchan Pistol/SMG Magazine Pouch, Coyote


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Want some badass magazine pouches that will knock your socks off and not scatter your precious mags? Look no further than the Kolchan by Balistyka, a “quiver” in name and function for the modern warrior.
Thanks to the patented side wall made of polyamide, the Kolchan magazine pouchhas a reduced size and weight (3.35oz), giving you the unique feature of stacking the pouches closer than ever previously possible, reducing the necessary footprint and expanding your payload.

The side walls of the Kolchan pouch are independent of one another and optimally sized for reliable retention and ease of use. The tension exerted on the magazine when inserted is not front-to-back but side-to-side, allowing for use on a wide variety of magazines without causing discomfort. Due to these design characteristics the Kolchan has a smaller overall foorprint in comparison to other similar pouches with a rigid side wall.  Since the side walls do not protrude beyond the dimensions of standard MOLLE webbing straps, you can place 3-4 pouches next to one another without having to stagger or skip webbing loops. In addition, there is MOLLE webbing on the front of the pouch for additional attachment options.


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