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So I noticed a while ago that there is a distinct lack of short, inexpensive and effective rimfire quick detach systems out there and wanted to do something about it. What you are looking at now is the fruition of that project, the Wojtek Rimfire Suppressor Quick Attach!

This project initially started as a dedicated Dead Air Mask base replacement but it was changed so it could be used in any rimfire suppressor.

Machined from 17-4 stainless and given a melonite coating for years of faithful and competent service, this little guy threads into your suppressor and adds only .55″ to the overall length, making it the shortest possible quick attach mount on the market.

The barrel adapters are simply inexpensive Silencerco Micro Osprey Rapid Attach Adapters (which I also make) without the expensive shim pack. This barrel adapter is a perfect .400″ long to fit the .400″ threading standard for rimfire barrels, meaning this adapter will not lengthen your barrel.

The end result of all this is that you can easily swap your trusty rimfire can between your multple hosts quickly (1.5-2 turns vs 7-11 turns) and inexpensively.

Please do ensure bore concentricity before sending it. My adapters are precision machined but as we all know, tax stamps are a true bastard.

In case it wasn’t immediately clear, there are no firearms of any type for sale in this listing and any shown are purely for demonstration and aesthetic purposes.

Purchase of this unit comes with the following:
One (1) Suppressor Adapter Base
One (1) Barrel Adapter
One (1) Barrel Adapter Flat Wrench


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