Streamlight TLR-1 Flashlight Lens Cover


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If you have ever gone shooting with your handgun or rifle with a weapon-mounted light (WML), you know that it sucks getting dirty-ass carbon soot off of your lens or breaking the lens while doing striking exercises. Chapstick works but makes a mess and still doesn’t protect from lens breakages during strikes so… what do?

That’s where my light lens covers come in. 3D printed from PLA+, these lens covers are tough and durable and stay on your light until they need to be removed, just twist off and you’re golden. The lens of this light
cover is a 1/8″ thick acrylic disc that is drop-in replaceable should it shatter or you are just too lazy to clean it.
Purchase of this lens cover comes with five (5) replacement lenses so you’re covered for a good while, just peel the protective covers, drop in and get working.


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