Otter Creek Titanium Rimfire Suppressor


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From OCL’s Website:

Bet you can’t guess what it’s made out of. Titanium, the 22nd element on periodic table of elements and we wanted to make our 22 LR silencer out of titanium anyway – it was just meant to be. They used titanium with the freaking SR71 blackbird and your grandmas knee replacement.

Look we could play the game that the rest of the industry plays and tell you it metered at 17 dB only to have competitors start changing their website to say 16 dB the next day but otter don’t play no shit. In testing and development for this silencer we were bodying industry giants left and right. Our design goals were to have a simple, easy to use, easy to clean, light weight, small, quiet 22 suppressor with almost no first round pop at as low of a price point as we could possibly make it. No stupid, made up, trademarked marketing words, no paid glowing reviews from some youtuber who can’t wait to sell you the next $17 made in China flash light, just a straight forward no BS product that you can be happy you bought with your hard earned money and that we don’t have to squirt a bottle of KY Jelly in for it to blow your socks off every time.

The rear mount of the Titanium is threaded 1/2×28 and is semi-permanently installed. That means it won’t accidently come off of the suppressor when you’re trying to take it on and off the gun but if it ever needs to come off for any reason it can be taken off by us. We also made the mount threads longer to accommodate some of the longer hreaded rifle barrels so you can use it without having to use a stupid spacer or shim like you have to use with some other 22 suppressors. The wrench flats in the front and rear of the suppressor can be used with any cheapo $3 adjustable wrench from your local hardware store, that means no small proprietary tool or wrench for you to lose and have to buy for a second or third time. Because it’s titanium you can clean it however you want – ultra sonic cleaner, harsh chemical mixtures like “the dip”, tumble it with stainless pins, scrub it with a wire brush, whatever you want to do. The baffles have alignment tabs that only go together 1 way, there is no way to put it back together wrong or mess it up. The shielded baffle design keeps the tube walls clean and makes it very easy to slide the baffle stack out, clean it, put it back together and slide it back in.

That really sums it up. It’s affordable, it’s light, it’s small, it’s quiet, it has little to no first round pop depending on host and ammo, it’s simple and sexy, it’s easy to take apart and clean then put back together and it’s better than whatever you’re using now in some way. There is no 22 suppressor that blends weight and sound like the Titanium 22. Backed by our lifetime warranty and awesome customer service what’s not to love?


Length: 5.18?

Weight: 4 oz

Material: 100% Titanium


Full auto rated for 22LR

Semi auto rated for FN 5.7 – 17 HMR – 22 MAG and other similar calibers. If you have a question don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.


The suppressor and some stickers, that’s it. This is a BYOW (buy your own wrench) situation. You should already have an adjustable wrench but if you don’t you can seriously get them at walmart for like $4.


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