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Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Super Kit – 9mm / 5.56mm


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The Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Super Kit – 9mm / 5.56mm comes with plenty of firearm cleaning necessities in one compact kit, that easily fits in your range bag or pack. This kit is designed for 9mm / 5.56mm rifles and pistols.

These caliber specific kits give you full 1oz bottles of H.L.P.™ Gun Oil and Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent & Protectant instead of little sampler sizes offered in other kits. We also give you a full 10cc syringe of our Chemical-X™ Nano-Tech Firearms Grease, because we know how messy those little tear packs are. Get three Liberty-Tuff™ Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes instead of one (no cheap aluminum or zinc shafts in our kits). 

This Kit comes with our Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod. It is comprised of a polymer t-handle, 1ea short rotating brass rod, 5ea solid brass rods and a brass universal patch holder(up to 2.25″ patches). It is a perfect small quality rod that can give you a total rod length of 32 inches.

You also get  12″ & 36″  Flex-Cable™ Flexible Pull-Through Cleaning Rod, that fit the T-Handle.

For a quick once over on the range, you will find both 9mm & 5.56mm Range Ropes.

Our Compact Cleaning Kit Case easily fits all of the items in the kit, coming in at just 17oz.

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The Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit – 9mm / 5.56mm comes with;

  • 1ea – 36″ Flex-Cable™ Flexible Cleaning Rod
  • 1ea – 12″ Flex-Cable™ Flexible Cleaning Rod
  • 1ea – Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod Set
  • 1ea – Liberty-Tuff™ Range Rope™  5.56mm / .223 Rifle Cleaner / Scrubber
  • 1ea – Liberty-Tuff™ Range Rope™  9mm/.357 Gun Cleaner / Scrubber
  • 3ea – 223 Brass/Bronze bore brush
  • 3ea – 9mm Brass/Bronze bore brush
  • 1ea – AR15 Brass/Bronze chamber brush
  • 25ea – Patches
  • 10ea – TriboStars™ 5.56 Chamber Locking Lug Cleaning Pads
  • 1ea – Liberty Lubricant™ H.L.P.™ Gun Oil 1oz Dropper Bottle
  • 1ea – Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent & Protectant – 1oz Spray Bottle
  • 1ea – Chemical-X™ Nano-Tech Firearms Grease, 10cc Syringe
  • 1ea – Compact Cleaning Kit Case


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