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If you ever wanted a badass bottle opener to pull out at a party AND you have some lonely AR15 pistol grips lying around, then you want this BEAR Opener!

The BEAR Opener is made out of 3/8″ thick brass and uses a standard AR15 pistol grip for the handle. This is a weighty little number and it does not mess around at all. You could use this to open beer, break or chip ice for your drink of choice, bludgeon a trash panda (not recommended) or knock open your car window for an escape. It is burly, it is handy and it is thoroughly badass. I styled it to look like an AR15 hammer and it has a raw brass finish that will age with a cool patina.

Purchase of the BEAR Opener comes with grip screw (standard 1/4-28) to affix to any of your lonely AR15 pistol grips that are gathering dust in the corner that you haven’t gotten around to selling or trashing yet. If you haven’t got a grip on/in your life, you can purchase a grip to go with it!

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