Balistyka Kolchan Pistol/SMG Magazine Pouch, Black


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Silent. Secure. Simple. All perfect words to describe these magazine pouches from the Ukrainian masterminds at Balistyka. Called “kolchan” meaning “quiver” in Ukrainian, these pouches are second to none and will truly improve the quality and function of your critical kit.

In stark contrast to other offerings currently on the market, the side walls of the Kolchan magazine pouch articulate independently from one another and the tension exerted is side-to-side and not front-to-back, a wide variety of magazines can be easily inserted and competently retained.

Thanks to the patented polyamide side wall, the Kolchan magazine pouch has a reduced size and weight (3.35oz), giving you the unique feature of stacking the pouches closer than ever previously possible, meaning that staggering pouches or skipping loops is no longer a thing. MOLLE webbing is also on the front of the pouch for adding needed accessories.

Styles available: Full Rifle, Half-Rifle and Pistol/PCC

Colors Available: Multicam, Black, Olive, Coyote and MM-14 (Ukrainian military camouflage)


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