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Aklys Kopis .22 Can


2.4oz makes for a featherweight suppressor.

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If you’re looking for a really light and very competent suppressor, this little guy is going to fit the bill!

Weighing in at 2.4oz, this suppressor practically disappears on your gun and even in your pocket and sounds pretty darn nice.

There are only two suppressors lighter than this one that I know of, chiefly the Mercy Puto (2.0oz) and the CGS Siren (2.2oz) but the Mercy Pluto is a sealed suppressor that can only be cleaned with “the dip”, the CGS Siren is carbon fiber and both  are rated for 22LR only while the Kopis is machine gun rated for 22LR and semi for 17HMR and 22Mag.

The Kopis has a reverse-threaded monocore bafflestack, meaning that it cannot be overtightened or get seized up and full disassembly can happen when needed with a coin.

I personally use this suppressor to hunt with and you very much forget that it is even at the end of your barrel. Many of my local customers love this can and have bought several.


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