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PTR Vent 3 5.56 Suppressor


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The ultra-high performance patented VENT TM Suppressor utilizes the next generation of suppressor technology. The design features sintered titanium and patented Purposely Induced Porosity (PIP), which enables it to outperform nearly every competitor in the market with its unique combination of lightweight, heat dissipation, sound suppression, and back pressure reduction. These suppressors employ a 3D-printed, monolithic, body-to-core structure, increasing their structural integrity and thermal resilience. This revolutionary design eliminates failure points often associated with traditional suppressors. Through the use of Purposely Induced Porosity (PIP), PTRs engineers are able to finely tune the strength, density, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity of the VENT suppressors in ways that are beyond the capabilities of traditional manufacturing. This industry leading technology creates a way to control the rapid expansion of gas that traditional baffle and flow through suppressors are unable to achieve, making the line of VENTTM Suppressors truly cutting-edge and superior in the marketplace.