Why Choose An Adjustable Gas Block

Increased Reliability

Help eliminate FTF (failure-to-feed) or FTE (failure-to-extract) issues by adjusting the amount of gas needed.

Decreased Recoil

By regulating the amount of gas needed to operate your rifle, you can increase your recoil management.

Suppressor Enjoyment

Suppressors increase back pressure and with that comes acrid gas in your face. An adjustable gas block helps keep that in check.

Less Wear And Tear

Your gas tube, bolt and gas rings are the first parts to wear out on a rifle, Keep up on the maintenance by not beating up your critical components needlessly.

Run Cleaner

Limiting the amount of gas needed to cycle the rifle results in having a cleaner bolt and chamber. Less junk, less gunk.

Turn To YOUR Needs

Running lightweight performance components? Trying to shave a fraction of a second off your game? You’re going to need an adjustable gas block to keep you as tight as your groups down range.

What Size Gas Block Do You Need?

The size of gas block you need is wholly determined by the size of your barrel at the gas journal where the gas block is installed. Below are the four barrel sizes you need to know about! The arrows indicate where you will find your barrel diameter.

.625" Barrel
The skinniest of the barrel diameters, also called a “pencil barrel”.
.750" Barrel

The most common barrel diameter for everything between 5.56 and 7.62 caliber builds. 9 times out of 10, this is the diameter you need.

.875" Barrel

The least common of barrel diameters, typically seen for fatty rounds like .458 SOCOM or .450 Bushmaster. If you bought one of these barrels, you know what you bought and, more importantly, know why you need an adjustable gas block.

.936" Barrel

The heaviest barrel contour commercially available, typically seen on bench rest setups or for specialty calibers. Like the .875″ barrel, you’re going to feel it if you bought one of these barrels.

Wojtek Weaponry Adjustable Gas Block Features

Made in the USA

All of my blocks are designed by me and made right here in the USA.

All Wojtek Weaponry gas blocks are low-profile and fit under the majority of free-floating handguards
My blocks are easily installed, tuned and serviced. 

Whatever your budget is, Wojtek Weaponry is here to help you complete your favorite rifle and get it back on the firing line.

Free Shipping

All prices include shipping to anywhere in the USA. International or expedited shipping is extra.

Robust Without Restrictions

Whether you are taming a machine gun or rocking the latest and greatest in lightweight components, a Wojtek gas block is always a good idea.

Infinite vs. Click Adjustable Gas Blocks

Click Adjustable Gas Block

The Arkto click adjustable gas block is the newest offering from Wojtek Weaponry and is a definitive upgrade from the original base model. Instead of an infinitely adjustable screw, the Arkto line uses a specially machined grooved metering screw that interfaces with a ball-and-detent system, giving 24 preset positions of adjustment across the gas port. 

Each adjustment is retained by the ball-and-detent system and will only move with significant rotational pressure using an allen key. Like the original infinite adjustable gas blocks, the Arkto click adjustable blocks are rated for all calibers, gas systems and firing schedules. 

Infinite Adjustable Gas Block

The infinite adjustable gas block is the original offering from Wojtek Weaponry. Simple, reliable and inexpensive, these blocks rely on a simple screw to “choke the gashole”. This particular variety is more of a “set it and forget it” type, typically tied to a consistent setup. 

These blocks are economical, effective, robust and rated for all calibers, gas systems and firing schedules. From the mild to wild, this block will have you covered.