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Liberty Lubricant Tribo-Solve Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent & Protectant


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Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent & Protectant, a new level of safety in firearms cleaning solvents!

Tribo-Solve™ was designed to adhere to the metal of your firearm using polarity, while softening and carrying away carbon, combustion and powder residues. It leaves your firearms metal with a strong, yet thin anti-corrosion layer, carried in synthetic oil to keep your firearms in pristine condition.  While Tribo-Solve™ is not necessarily a lubricant, it will leave your firearm with a light lubrication layer. We still recommend treating your firearm with H.L.P.™ Premium Synthetic Firearms Oil.

Tribo-Solve™ is not only Non- Hazardous, it  is odorless and  has a Flash Point in excess of 302°F. Unlike typical solvents which are volatile and characterized as flammable, Tribo-Solve™, is not volatile at ordinary temperatures and maintains its fluid-like behavior down to -75°F. It is specifically designed not to rapidly evaporate, like other solvents on the market!

To protect against corrosion, rust inhibitors are formulated to be polar i.e. the molecule contains atoms of oxygen. The polarity allows the rust inhibitors to anchor to the surface of the steel while protruding a long hydrophobic tail that is non-polar.  This molecular architecture prevents water from getting to the surface.  It’s like a molecular umbrella!

Deep Cleans & Dissolves Carbon
Non-Hazardous / Non-Toxic
Leaves Anti-Corrosion Film
Leaves Light Lubrication Film
Repels Moisture
Flash Point in excess of 302°F
Remains Fluid Down To -75°F
Great for Tough Cleaning & Storage

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