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Liberty Lubricant™ H.L.P.™ Gun Oil, 4 oz


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Liberty Gun Lube™ H.L.P.™ Heritage Lubricant & Protectant is a premium synthetic firearms oil, that is so much more than a standard CLP. H.L.P.™ contains AW and HP additives to prevent unnecessary wear in firearms, antioxidants to promote long lubricant life, and highly effective corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust.

The evaporation rate is significantly decreased for long lasting protection of your firearms. The operating temperature ranges for H.L.P.™ run -60°C – +240°C, providing the protection in frigid temps that we are known for, yet increasing the high end to provide you longer service life.

You want high-end performance, without the high-end price? Liberty Gun Lube™ H.L.P.™ is the ticket.

Liberty Gun Lube™ H.L.P.™

– Non-Toxic.
– Lubricates while reducing friction.
– Prevents rust.
– Penetrates deeply.
– Clings to surfaces.
– Thicker formulation
– Eliminates moisture.
– Completely harmless for plastic, rubber, glass and metal.
– Heat and cold resistant(-60°C – +240°C).
– Contains no silicone, or chlorinated products.
– No odor.

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