Liberty Lubricant Flex-Cable™ Flexible Cleaning Rod Set


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Liberty-Tuff™ Flex-Cable™ 36″ & 12″ flexible (pull-through) cleaning rods with handle and universal patch holder.

The Liberty-Tuff™ Flex-Cable™ set comes with 2 sizes of flexible coated SS cable rods to handle all of your rifle, pistol and shotgun cleaning needs. The cables are fitted with industry standard 8x32tpi threaded brass ferules to attach the included handle, the universal patch holder and your caliber specific bore and chamber brushes that you can buy separately. Cleaning of your firearms is easily handled by pulling brushes, patches, etc through the bore.

The 36″ Flex-Cable™ works great with rifles and shotguns. The 12″ Flex-Cable™ is for pistols and Submachineguns.


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