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Aklys Kopis .22 Suppressor


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Information on the Aklys Defense Kopis .22

far as suppressors in a standard NFA collection goes, the one must-have
suppressor is ALWAYS a quality .22 can and as far as good ones go, you
won’t be disappointed at the quality, construction and effective capabilities of Aklys Defense Kopis .22 suppressor.

in at a scant 2.4oz, this suppressor is constructed of 4140 steel and
7075 T6 aluminum with a Type III hardcoat anodized for a lifetime of
stuffing whatever ammunition you want through it. This suppressor has a
unique moncore baffle stack that has been optimized to reduce
first-round pop (FRP) and is reverse-threaded to the outer tube, making
it impossible to over-tighten, meaning this suppressor doesn’t require
tools for removal and requires just a tender turn for a
snug fit. A true precision piece of equipment.

Since this
suppressor is fully user-serviceable, there is no need to worry about
using even the filthiest, nastiest or grungiest of 22 ammunition through it as you will always
be able to pop it apart and give it a cleaning with your favorite
cleaning product.

suppressor is an utter joy on any rimfire host, has an excellent tone
and will simply cease to even be a thought during your hunting, plinking
and competition adventures. Snap up this machining marvel today for your stamp collection.

Purchase of this item requires that it be sent to an FFL/SOT for transfer. After purchase, please direct me to your dealer so I can complete the required paperwork and processing.

If there are any questions, please ask!

Technical Specifications

Length: 5″
Diameter: 1″
Mount/Base: Nitrided 4140 Steel
Rated usage: All .22LR, .22 Magnum, 17HMR, 17M2 ammunition but is only full-auto rated for .22LR.
features: Reverse-threaded baffle stack, no need to use tools to
disassemble. Can be run wet (but do not leave ablative medium sitting
inside of it when not in use).

Additional information

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Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 cm