Wojtek Weaponry Stainless .936 Adjustable Clamp Gas Block

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Bought a rail but need a good gas block? Like fiddling around with your gas hole? Look no further! Weighing in at 1.8oz, this .936 gas block is fully adjustable via a screw in the front and lockable via a screw in the side. This block is attached to your barrel by compression which is attained by tightening the three screws on the bottom. It is suggested that a REMOVABLE thread locker of your choice be used on the screws. 

Each gas block comes with a roll pin so there is no need to hunt one down at your local store!  


Quick Spec Sheet

-304 Stainless


-Clamp/compression fitting

-1.66x1.145" (HxW)

-Attachment requires ONLY HAND TIGHTENING

-Gas port is drilled all the way through for ease of alignment with your gas port. 



Adjustment screw = 5/64" 

Side locking screw = .05"

Attachment screws= 3/32"



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