Glock 26 Steel Rails!

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Such scary, much wow! Due to popular demand, I now offer G26 rails for all those that want an FMDA frame and not a BTB frame.

CNC machined, black oxide coated all steel rails for use with Glock slides for your 0% build.

These are steel inserts for those who wish to make frames from scratch and want stronger steel slide rails regardless of frame material. These are like the rails you get with a P80 kit, just not cast & stamped sheet metal.

Manufactured to a higher standard from billet steel, these wont crack, fatigue, or wear abnormally. 100% smooth drop in reliable function from the first round to the 5000th and beyond..

This rail kit is NOT for the P80 frames.

What is included in this kit:

-Machined Glock 26 Rails
-3x M3x8mm screws
-2x solid dowel pins
-1x allen key for assembly
-1x bullet tube of Vibratite

Additional Features (technical mumbojumbo)

These rails are machined to FMDA (FreeMenDontAsk) specs for the Glock 26 (G26) frame. Will fit the FMDA G26

The dowel pins are 18-8 pins and may need to be trimmed to size.

The dowel pin hole is machined for a slip fit, so just a light tapping is needed to get the pin through.

What else you'll need:

Complete Glock 26 slide assembly of your choice.

The whole frame, that you build. This is like a 0% build. You can print, machine, cast, whittle, etc.
Lower parts kit. You will need a G26 locking block and a standard LPK 

Please observe all local, state, federal and natural laws that apply to you.

Credit for the origins of this project goes to Ivanthetroll over at DetDisp. The credit for this revision is to FreeMenDontAsk

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