Field Maintenance On Rifle (FMOR)

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Don't let your gun choke up and die on the range! 

Called the FMOR (short for "Field Maintenance On Rifle), this unassuming package sits on your sling and holds the critical lubricant and cleaning tools that you need to keep your rifle up and running on short notice. 

Here are the specs for this cleaning kit. 

-Made in Colorado! 

-Pouch made from 500D Cordura.

-Comes with a BCG Scraper/Bore Cleaner combination tool and a 5mL dropper bottle of Liberty Lubricant. 

-Fits 1-2" slings

-There is room in the kit for a spare bolt, broken shell extractor, cleaning patch or a CR123 battery. 

-Stays snugly closed while on the sling. 

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