Doom Beak Streamlight TLR 1/2 Lens Cap

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Hate cleaning your weapon light after a trip to the range? Evolve your Shooting with DBI’s Lens Caps and Lens Protectors!

Keep your light clean at the range with the included lens cap and lens protectors!

The lens cap is press-fit and handles the recoil of even the snappiest recoil of your pistol or rifle. The lens protectors are clear and fit into the lens caps so your light still functions as intended. Lens cap can be removed at will and the lens protector can either be wiped with a cloth or removed entirely for a good cleaning. No more stickers, no more grease, no more mess.


· Fits TLR1/2 HL Lights, may fit TLR1 S lights (a small shim of electrical tape may be needed for a tight, recoil-proof fit)

Two lenses included with purchase.

Lifetime Warranty on all 3D printed DBI Products


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