BEAR Opener Party Pack!

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Want to get froggy at the holidays? Look no further!

The BEAR Opener Party Pack contains three (3) complete BEAR Openers, fully assembled with virgin pistol grips and ready for cracking beers. Makes a great stocking stuffer! Price includes shipping so order up!

The BEAR Opener is made out of 3/8" thick mild steel and uses a standard AR15 pistol grip for the handle. Weighing in at 3.2oz just by itself (5.3oz fully assembled) this little bugger does not mess around at all. You could use this to open beer, break or chip ice for your drink of choice, bludgeon a trash panda (not recommended) or knock open your car window for an escape. It is burly, it is handy and it is thoroughly badass. I styled it to look like an AR15 hammer and it has a black oxide finish.

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